How to Paint by Numbers?

When you begin: 

  • Clear a flat area to start.
  • Arrange your painting that there is good light.
  • Prepare a cup of water and towels to clean brushes. when they start to get dirty ,only put it in a cup of water ,shake and wipe it with a towel to clean brushes.
  • After completing the paint, make sure that the paint box lid is fully closed to prevent drying. Use enough paint to cover the numbers and lines

Where to start:

I prefer to start from the top left because I am right-handed. This habit allows you to wait for the paint to dry while drawing.

Sometimes, I use all the corresponding colors in a small area (+ -15cm X 15cm) to draw, but only use one color at a time, and only after the previous area is completely drawn Move to the next area.

Besides, I’ll choose one corresponded colors and paint all areas matching to its number area before moving to the next color.

To be honest, this is really about what you feel comfortable doing. There is no right or wrong! 

Here are some suggestions: 

  • From top to bottom.
  • paint from dark to light. 
  • From the first number until last one.  


Some canvases are a little wrinkled. Spray some of water mist on it and iron on the BACK SIDE at the lower temperature. (before you paint it!).

If you’d like to have a sturdy surface to paint, tape the canvas to a piece of foam board or cardboard. 


You may find some paints a bit strong. It’s always better to mix it up a bit before using it. If the paint is too strong, please add water to dilute.

 The canvas and paint lid are both marked with digits (For example, the paint lid numbered 3 should be applied to the painting canvas area marked with the number 3).

Prepare a cup of water which to clean your brushes. Cleaning the painting brush after applying a color (If the brushes is getting dirty ,please use water and towel to clean).

Don’t forget to share your masterpiece with the world 🙂

It all depends on your u painting habits. Don’t be afraid to try and fail, look for your Own painting method and style.

Does not require any painting skills, Even if the drawing is wrong, you can always choose to repair it.